Monday, February 8, 2010

Storm Story (continued!)

By early Saturday evening, when the snow finally stopped falling, this was how much piled up on our roof:

This is the view from the window looking out:

And then, after all that shoveling, the snow cascaded down in an avalanche and covered up the path again. Bummer.

We started to work on digging out the cars, and then thought, "WHY?" There's no way we're going anywhere!

So we ditched the work and had some fun with the kids. Yeah, that's the middle of our street. Our cars probably aren't moving for some time...

Brent finally got his wish, someone to pull him. Speaking of going nowhere... Wish I could have helped, but someone had to man the camera.

And then, the glorious, peaceful morning after (at this point now known as "The Day The Saints Won The Super Bowl").

Those were some serious icicles hanging down right in front of our door. The kids thought they were coolest thing ever, and had to have them. And eat them.

We did eventually get those cars dug out, but they still haven't plowed our street as of Monday afternoon! Brent got his SUV out this morning, but he said it was a white knuckle drive to get to a main road and almost got stuck a few times. I had to take the day off from work because there's no way my car would make it out, and no way our nanny could make it in.

One of my favorite moments - introducing Joseph to the concept of snow angels:

Simon had the right idea all along:

But then again, cats don't really go stir crazy, do they?


Mallory said...

Are you ready for the 10-20" that they are calling for on Tuesday/Wednesday??? We are going to chuck it all and move to LA soon!

Tugay Sarıkaya said...

What a snow. Thats really amazing and I wish I could be there ah ah...

mimi said...

I just can't get over how much snow yall is beautiful and Carl your pictures are so creative ...feel like I was and hugs MiMi

mimi said...
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