Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Puppy Love

You've all seen Baby Brother by now, but now it's time to meet Baby Puppy and Baby Doggy too. Back when we were toying around with the idea of getting Joseph a doll, we improvised for a while and used Baby Puppy as a stand in to see if he was even interested. He fell for it right away, so the search for a boy doll commenced. (Do you have any idea how hard that was to find? Even online, they're all pink!)

Baby Puppy (left) was one of the many, many stuffed animals Joseph has received as gifts along the way, and they've all been in an open bin at (his) eye level forever. He was just never interested in them. But one day recently he "discovered" they were all there, and now a new one is constantly becoming his new best friend. Baby Doggy (right) and Baby Puppy especially like to talk to each other.

Today he has befriended Baby Elephant. I claim responsibility for the name "Baby Puppy," but Joseph has been responsible for all the rest. So far, only Curious George has not had "Baby" inserted on the front end.


Lance said...

get the poor boy a real dog you mean father

mimi said...

How sweet...but Lance has a point..that's funny...love and hugs MiMi