Thursday, February 11, 2010

The OK Corral

All this time indoors has given us the chance to finally install the bed guardrails that we ordered from Pottery Barn Kids recently. We figured there was no point in getting a rail for the crib when he would just climb out and play in the big bed.

Kinda looks like prison, but Peter Rabbit and a sippy cup of milk always make everything right in the world.

He's been napping in the big boy bed for 6 days in a row now! Not sure if we're ready for nighttime yet.


mimi said...

Big step in JoeJoe's life....going to the big boy bed...he looks so little in that big bed....never thought joejoe would look little ...right...I love the way he sleeps on his tummy with his little bootie in the air like he don't and hugs MiMi

Hollie Reese said...

He is getting so big! Hope yall aren't going crazy yet!