Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Visitors from Up North

After Christmas Here and Christmas There, you think we'd be done with Christmas. But not so, as we still had to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. So Santa dispatched another truckload of presents from the North Pole, and got them here by way of New Jersey.

Joseph was VERY excited to get lots and lots of Thomas stuff.

Did I mention it was LOTS of Thomas stuff? A covered bridge, a swing bridge, a quarry mine tunnel, a deluxe lights and sounds fire station, and more trains than I kept track of. He should be good for a while. But I tell you what - that train table was the 1st thing he made a bee-line for when we got back from Louisiana, he missed it so much. Joseph sends his thanks to Grammy and Grandpa and Uncle Paulie.

Brent and I made out pretty well with a slow cooker from Williams-Sonoma. Already been used within 2 days of opening it!

"Baby Brother" is still a hit too. Grammy gave him his milk while Joseph had his.

Aunt Suthern and Uncle Glenn had shipped their big present to Joe Joe to the house, thankfully. But someone else with a "J' name made themselves comfortable.

Speaking of visitors from up north, some Eskimos came to take Joseph to the train exhibit at the US Botanical Gardens again.

Oh wait, that's just my parents. We had to wait outside for a few minutes because the line was so long. Man, it was cold! I know you don't need to see any more train photos, so here's what the rest of the joint looks like, along with some pics I took of the gorgeous flowers on display.

Oh, guess I should say Happy New Year too!

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