Friday, January 15, 2010

Tower Power

It's gotta be tough for poor JT to have 2 pediatricians for fathers who watch out for every little developmental milestone. One elusive skill has always been stacking blocks. The older kids get, the higher the tower they can supposedly build. I could never say whether he could do it or not, since every time I tried to show him how, he'd just knock the tower down and laugh hysterically. Then the other day I'm in the kitchen and hear him dump out all the blocks from his shape sorter onto the living room floor - a sound I've heard a thousand times already, so I thought nothing of it. A minute later I go to see what he's up to, and he's doing this:

Luckily my camera is never far from me!

2 year olds should stack 4, 3 year olds can stack at least 6. Our little superstar got to 10 before they toppled, but he gets massive bonus points from this pediatrician for balancing the majority of blocks on top of that parallelogram thingy 3rd from the bottom. (And for your interest, I Googled it, and a 3-D parallelogram is called a parallelepiped. Huh?)

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