Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let the sun shine!

Finally, after so much bitter cold winter weather, a day in the 50's so we could play outside!

Is this a woman who has her act together, or what?! Mis makes it look easy to get 2 kids out the door for some fun in the sun.

Will is getting so big. Look at those cheeks! He's wearing Joseph's old hat, which he outgrew after only a month or two.


Tugay Sarıkaya said...

soo cute.... cheeks are for biting:):):):) God bless your baby


Missy said...

you are too kind! xoxo

mimi said...

Looks like a fun day....Jack and JoeJoe sure are lucky to have such fun playdates...Carl and Missy too...how fun to share such precious moments...Missy your baby is so cute...looks like a little Jack....love and hugs MiMi

Hollie Reese said...

Fun! I don't know how you survive in that freezing weather. My kids would go crazy!