Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Be Prepared"

That old Scout motto makes sense when the weather around here is so unpredictable. We had to send JT out in jeans and rain boots during the last snow storm since we hadn't gotten around to buying the right gear yet. Not to be shamed twice, we immediately picked up some snow boots and pants (why do they call it a "bib?"), thinking he'd probably never need them and they wouldn't fit by next winter. But then it snowed again yesterday, and we were prepared!

We got some winter use out of the swing set by calling it a snow fort.

Papa wasn't very nice when he was shoveling, but Joseph didn't seem to mind:


Anonymous said...

Looks like he will be using that snow suit today! Hi Joe Joe!

Morrie, Bob and Don

mimi said...

I just love those videos...I play them over and and hugs mimi