Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Already missing Mimi

Mimi left at the crack of dawn this morning, long before Joe Joe was even awake, after a wonderful long weekend visit. He loves his Mimi so much and would rather be with her than us when she's near.

We mostly just spent quality time together, but we did venture out to the National Building Museum on Saturday. It's always a treat to ride the choo choo train downtown.

Had to keep working on those stacking skills, now that we know they exist.

Imagination is a wonderful thing to see in action. With all the building supplies around, Joseph decided to cook instead, making a big vat of soup, stirring and stirring, and asking Mimi to taste once in a while.

I personally really love this place. Once the kids are tired of the Building Zone, they can just run around in the amazing center hall. Look how little Joseph and Papa are compared to those massive columns!

Mimi also did her fair share of babysitting so we could go out for a little dinner/movie date. Thanks, Mimi! We miss you too!!


Tugay Sarıkaya said...

amazing building... I want to learn mora about the building...


mimi said...

I had so much fun with all of you...thanks for all of the love and happiness you guys always show me when I am there...JoeJoe is so sweet and lovable and I miss him soooooo much...love and hugs Mimi

Tugay Sarıkaya said...

the photo is amazing... I wanna see the place before my dying...