Saturday, December 5, 2009

Maiden Voyage

And here's the bigger and better thing that came to take the sports coupe's place: the Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon!

Since we're going to Louisiana for Christmas this year, Mimi and Poppy thought it would be a good idea to get Joseph a big present while they were here instead of us having to drag something back on the plane with us. This baby is a 2 seater with tons of room. The seats go up and down for riding or hauling options, and it even has cup holders!

After we dropped Mimi and Poppy off at the airport on Tuesday, we headed home and headed out for the Pathfinder's maiden voyage around the neighborhood. It's safe to say he loved every second of it!


AUNTIE A said...

That wagon looks like the Rolls Royce of wagons and he looks like a little prince enjoying the ride.

mimi said...

Carl ..only you can make it all sound so good...I just love your blogs...we had so much fun in DC..we just love the Alton Boys.. So glad JoeJoe is enjoying his wagon..It was so much fun to take him shopping to buy and hugs MiMi