Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cookies and Stories and Santa, Oh My!

Missy threw the most fabulous toddler-centric holiday party this afternoon: story time with Miss Dinah, hot chocolate (for the grown ups) and chocolate milk (for the kids), Christmas cookies and treats, and a special visit from old St. Nick himself!

I couldn't help but contribute a little something sweet - red velvet cake balls (if you've never had them or heard of them, I'll hook you up!), and chocolate lollipops that looked like tree lights, which Jack dove into about 3 seconds after he saw them.

Bibliophile that Joseph is, he was front and center for story time, but the rest of the gang eventually joined in.

All the hubbies came too! Brent got to meet baby Will, and Uncle Matt had another special role in the festivities....

No tears this year, but no smiles either. We've been talking up Santa a lot lately, and this was a good trial run before the official portrait in Santa's lap.

Did we mention Santa and Mrs. Claus had a baby recently?

You know it's not a good party til you try the kid pile-up on the couch. Never works, but always entertaining. Joseph just sat there like a potato and wondered what on earth these people were up to.

People seem to like this picture. Maybe it looks like a magazine cover. Maybe it just looks yummy!

What a sweet day. Mrs Claus knows how to throw a party! Thanks, Mis!!


Suthern, Glenn, Leyton & Ashton Thibodeaux said...

okay I NEED the recipe for these ASAP...must put in cookbook! How adorable!!!

Honey said...

Move over MARTHA!!!! Awesome.Please bring the recipe for the Red Velvet balls to Houma...My favorite!!! What neat friends you all have. Joseph is so handsome.

mimi said...

What a great holiday party...FOR KIDS...and looks like the parents had fun too.Carl and as always you out did yourself with the deserts.....It was good to see Brent and Matt with the kids...I love family and hugs MiMi

Hollie Reese said...

Yum! I want that recipe!

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The Houston's said...

Those are the cutest treats ever. You never cease to amaze me!!!

Anonymous said...

please bring some to houma can't wait to see yall love june