Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas There

Home to Houma for the holidays! Joseph continues to thrill us by being so good on the planes.

Because of the snow last weekend we weren't able to get out and see Santa in person, so we made sure to go bright and early to the mall on Christmas Eve. Joseph got to check him out for a while and have a meet-and-greet with Santa before their photo op, but we still couldn't coach much of a smile out of him.

Funny thing is Santa took one look at us and asked "Didn't I take a picture with you 2 years ago?" Guess our family doesn't blend into the crowd as well down there... Still, cute that Santa knows us.

We spent most of our time just visiting. Joseph got to see both of his great-grandmothers and really got to know Aunt Suthern, Uncle Glenn, and his cousins.

Mimi and Poppy made sure we were well fed between Christmas Eve and Christmas day - scallops, king crab legs, filet mignon, and all the sides to fill us up.

Leyton and Ashton were Joseph's new best friends. It was so great to see them play so well together. They had so much fun in the tub getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately it's near impossible to get 1 picture with all 3 kids looking great.

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, especially not this cat. T Gray never moved from this spot the whole trip.

We tried to carry on the tradition of reading that book before bedtime. Didn't exactly go as planned.

You know we didn't leave cookies out for Santa. We left cake balls!!

This is what Christmas morning looks like in Louisiana. I think I can still see the trail from Santa's sleigh!

Santa likes red velvet.

I spent a good amount of time in the kitchen, where I love to be.
Making cake balls (2 different kinds!):

Yes, I even let Joe Joe eat a few. Then I had to constantly hear "more cake? please?"

Then it was on to building and decorating a gingerbread train and house, mostly with Leyton, but Joseph joined in briefly to get a few licks of icing.

But the biggest hit was making "gravy" - my mom's meatballs and spaghetti sauce - which Glenn was craving.

The whole clan was able to get together our last night for a traditional dinner of turkey and all the fixings. Thanks to Sherrie and Bo for all their hard work!! The kids made a giant mess and ran around like maniacs.

I know this was a giant post, but that covers the whole trip and wraps up the year. But lastly: WHO DAT made the blog?!

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mimi said...

We had a great Christmas with all of our family..I know it is hard for everyone to travel to us with little ones..but we just can't even begin to say how happy we were to have our boys home with their families...we feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family...Such memories we will cherish...The pictures were great...they kind of tell the story...thanks and hugs MiMi and Poppy