Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Here

Santa always seems to know good little boys' schedules, so he arrived in DC a few days early knowing that Joseph would be out of town on Christmas morning. He managed to sneak in and get all those presents under the tree while Joseph was in the tub.

He knows that Joseph loves "push toys" (and that his favorite one recently moved a few doors down), and he also heard about a recent interest in baby brothers and dolls too. No surprise that a stroller complete with a baby brother and a shopping cart full of gifts were waiting for him under the tree. (Seriously, he hardly ever rides in his own stroller, because every time he sees it, he says "I push." And won't take "no" for an answer. Ditto at the grocery store.)

The doll was a huge hit! Here are some cute videos:
(I love the 1st one where he blows right past his presents because he sees the camera!)

Of course Santa remembered to fill the stockings!

In addition to more trains and cars, there was also a harmonica which our little musical genius enjoyed.

Christmas "Here" to be followed soon by Christmas "There."
By the way, Santa was very good to us too!

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