Friday, November 6, 2009

Welcome to the Roundhouse

Introducing 5 "really useful" friends who live there: Stanley, Thomas, Billy, Percy, and Harvey.

This boy is obsessed with his trains. We almost had an issue when we couldn't find Thomas this morning. Luckily he turned up - jammed down the tube of the "ball popper." Anyone have one of those toys? If you ever lose anything, it's sure to be in there.

Joseph loves to come into the kitchen and steal the oven mitts from one of the drawers. But nothing gets in the way of playing with those trains!


Anonymous said...

All I can say JoeJOe is part Carl and is going to be a cook and another part cousin Leyton who just loves his trains.....put them both together and you have our wonderful little and hugs MiMi

Anonymous said...

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