Sunday, November 15, 2009

A for Effort

For the record, there are a multitude of things that Brent excels at.
This just isn't one of them.

Also for the record, I put the diaper on in the beginning, or we would have been here all night.
I'll take an A for effort too, since it took me 2 days and countless hours trying to figure out how to chop this video up into enough small pieces that Blogger would let me upload it. It only allows a maximum of 100MB videos. Who knew? Hope it was worth the effort!


Anonymous said...

oh well could not see the last
video did the pants get on.can't wait to see yall at christmas.

The Houston's said...

I am laughing sooo hard!! I love it!

mimi said...

I am still laughing....thanks Carl for figuring out how to download the videos...they are priceless...Brent we will have to work on your dressing skills while I'm there...of course I have to say, I do remember how much fun it is to dress JoeJoe at night ...he is so excited after his bath...he is just so cute and MiMI

MalinDC said...

Uploading the videos was totally worth it! Thank you so much for the giggle Brent. ;-)