Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Ducky

For the 2nd year in a row we went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and stayed in a great little town called Duck. Going to the beach is always Brent's ideas, but Joseph just loves the beach as much as his Papa does.

Traveling after Labor Day is the best thing to do before your kids are school aged. Weather's still great, rates are better, and there are no crowds at all. Seriously, none. Yet the hotel was booked. Where were all these people if we were literally the only people on the beach the majority of the time?

I'm not the biggest fan of the beach, but I know my boys love it, so I just try to keep busy by playing with Joseph. He loves the waves, but gets a little scared when they crash at his feet - check out the way he's hooked himself onto my legs!

There was also no one in the pool most of the time. Here are Brent and Joseph enjoying the pool all to themselves.

We stayed in an identical suite as last year, and Joseph continued his pattern of constantly trying to escape. He's only grown about 6 inches over the past year, but it looks like more than a foot when you compare the pictures. He wasn't even walking yet last time.

Plenty more pics to come in stages, as always.
By the way, thanks, Heidi for giving me the idea to write the title in the sand. So creative!

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mimi said...

Glad you guys had a good time...JoeJoe is such a lucky little boy to have so many vacations... Brent and Carl are lucky big boys too...Love the scribbling in the sand idea too...I'm sure we will all use it ....love and hugs MiMi