Monday, October 12, 2009

"Bring Your Kid To Work" Day

Having just returned from a great trip to the beach (which I haven't even begun to post about yet), we were all ready to get back to our normal routines today. That thought came to a screeching halt when our nanny called in sick this morning. The best we could manage was for me to take the afternoon off, but I had to drag Joseph to work for the morning. Luckily everyone there likes kids, and there were many volunteers to watch him.

At Daddy's desk:

We made the trip worthwhile and got our flu shots. Yes, me too. Funny, because I was just thinking what a pain it was going to be to have to drive him all the way to my office just for that. I guess some things happen for a reason. Pointing at Daddy's boo boo took Joseph's mind off his own.

I barely had time to check on him all morning, but I kept hearing he was having a ball, and Sarah wanted to take him home. When I went to get him for lunch, this is what I found:

She had tuckered him out and he just climbed in her lap and dosed off. She's hired!

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mimi said...

Maybe JoeJoe will following in his parents footsteps....Dr. JoeJoe...too cute...I'm sure he was the hit of the can you not just hug and kiss that sweet and hugs MiMi