Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Baking Bug

Benjamin's mom was planning on a bug themed party for his 1st birthday. She bought these edible bee and ladybug cake decorations, and asked me for some thoughts on what to do with them. Unable to resist a friend in need of baking help, especially when a theme is involved, I offered to take care of the whole thing. She wanted cupcakes, but there was a little batter left over, so I couldn't resist making a "smash cake" and decorating it to match the party invitation.

Some bugs had to be playing in the dirt:

Some had to be flying in the sky:

And some were in the grass:

They looked really cute all together on the buffet:

The birthday boy, Benjamin:

Benjamin and Joseph share our nanny, Esther. Joseph was so excited to see her!

Benjamin definitely liked his cake.

And Joe Joe didn't seem to mind trying a cupcake. He had seen those cupcakes all over his house all day long, and finally got to dive in.


Honey said...

Wow Carl you are such an awesome friend with lots of talent and a heart of gold! The cupcakes and cake are so cute! Hope all is well with ya'll. I hope to see you in Houma in December. Give Brent and Joseph my love.

Anonymous said... just gets better and better...I always wonder how you are going to top your last creation and BAM! you do it again.. I know JoeJoe loves to taste and so do and hugs MiMi