Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stick a fork in it,

it's DONE! I finally got around to the finishing touches on the swing set. Two months ago it looked like this, with a very patient toddler waiting to play:

My Dad and I had worked like crazy to get it up and ready for Joseph's 2nd birthday party, but we ran out of time for some of the detail work. We also left off the rock climbing wall, mostly since we knew no one could use it yet, but also because the yard really sloped off right where it's supposed to be attached. I finally had the time to build a box frame (which Brent kindly filled with dirt and mulch) to level and elevate the area.

We did the same around the ladder, just so it's easier to mow around. Plus, the kid loves to play with mulch, so it's extra-fun for him.

And lastly I added the steering wheel and telescope in the deck area, and I'm done!

Except for filling the sandbox. But that's Brent's responsibility.


The Houston's said...

Awesome!! And that's a great way to teach a child patience!!

mimi said...

I love this...MiMi