Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sea World

On Thursday we had our 1st pediatric dental visit. They say these days you're supposed to do see a dentist as early as 1 year old, but why?! We knew Dr. K. had an ocean theme in the office, so Joe Joe wore his whale shirt and sweater to make a good 1st impression. The waiting room has a beach mural. Very cool!

The umbrella is actually painted in a corner of the wall! It looks so real. Our "Joe" beach tote was the perfect accessory.

The rest of the office is all underwater scenes, like the whale behind us, and the video monitors all play videos of fish. Thank God he's not afraid of fish!

Everything checked out OK! The dentist tried to tell me to stay away from candy, cookies, and juice. It's OK, you can laugh too.

Afterwards I decided to run with the theme and head back to the Invertebrate House at the National Zoo in time for the giant octopus feeding. Look at how cute he is!!!!

He was very taken with the jellyfish.

And the octopus feeding was brief, but very fun to watch.

Then we just walked around, and finally visited the soft play area in the form of a giant pizza. If you're looking for him, Joseph is the butt sticking out of the enormous olive. After our recent road trip, he's fascinated with anything and everything that even remotely reminds him of a tunnel.

Have you noticed anything in common about most of the pictures of him standing? Another new thing - his hand is always in his pocket. Here he is after our swim class last week. I just had to stop in the hall to catch it.

When you ask "What's in your pocket?" he replies "A quacka." Which we assume means "a cracker" (one of his favorite food groups), but it sounds exactly the same when he says "a tractor." We usually know which he means in context, but this one's a mystery.


The Houston's said...

That;s so funny! He is adorable. Macy's first dentist appt is next week...guess I am a couple of years late. Oops.

mimi said...

WOW! how times have changed...the dentist is now so much fun...themes...scenery...hey! it's 2009...WOW! love MiMi