Saturday, September 26, 2009

Like a moth to a flame

We were on our way home for lunch after a fun morning out, when we passed by our beloved Turtle Park. Joseph's heart must have skipped a beat before squealing in delight when he noticed a line of fire engines by the entrance. Not to worry, no emergencies! Turns out it was a "Back to School" BBQ, and the fire fighters were doing the grilling. We had to stop, and got a free lunch as a bonus.

One of the firemen noticed Joseph's excitement and came over. His name is Joseph too, and he rocked Joe Joe's world when he offered to let him get inside the truck. Joseph also invited him over to the fire station for a tour anytime he wants. A new best friend for life!

Looks like we may have made the right decision for a Halloween costume.


Honey said...

Cutest little fireman ever!!! Keep a blogging. I enjoy it so much.

mimi said...

I know what JoeJoe does when he sees A fire truck.. so I know he had to be thrilled when he saw a bunch ... how exicting for our little soon to be Fireman...too and hugs MiMI