Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bye George!

We were so busy relaxing and enjoying each other's company at the lake that we realized there was still so much more we wanted to do before we left. Our last day was action packed, starting with a visit to Fort Ticonderoga, built in the 1700's alongside Lake Champlain. Many different canons, very cool architecture, lots of history to digest.

One last visit to Gull Bay beach, so Joseph could enjoy the sand and surf.

One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip came from the last day. You can just tell Joseph has been having the time of his life:

While he napped we were determined to sneak away and finally get to kyack on the lake. The sights were gorgeous from the new perspective on the water, but I was too afraid to get my camera wet, so I left it on the shore.

One last "5 o'clock nosh," this time out on the boat in a serene spot called Dark Bay.

On the way home we stopped in the Hudson Valley again to break up the trip. Back in Hyde Park, we went to the Culinary Institute of America, the country's most respected cooking school. If I had been able to plan the trip, I would have spent most of it here taking seminars and workshops. But alas, we only stopped for lunch, at the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe. Delish.

Here is how Joseph would have spent the entire trip (other than in the water) - pushing around this stroller. I bought this lightweight umbrella stroller to travel with, and the second he sees it, even folded up, he starts chanting "Push! Push!" Sometimes it's easier just to let him do it, but he refuses to let you steer, so if you ever see him coming, RUN!

We then drove on to my parents' house in Jersey and stayed with them for the last leg of the trip. Joe Joe got to see both sets of grandparents in the same day - priceless. AND, he got Grammy's spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Lucky boy!

The "CHEEEEEEESE" face persists!


Hollie Reese said...

Man, you were busy! Looks like you had fun. I am sure Joseph wasn't at a loss for attention!

mimi said...

we had so much fun...JoeJoe was so cute...I just love him so much...he is so cute. and so lovable...miss and hugs MiMi