Tuesday, September 8, 2009

By George!

We made it to Lake George in the late afternoon, and Joe Joe was overjoyed to see his Mimi and Poppy. He was also fortunate to meet a new playmate, our host's granddaughter Isabel ("Bizabel" as Joseph would say). Isabel is almost 2 years older, but they were pretty much the same size.

The lake itself is just steps away down a small hill, so we headed right out to see it as dusk was setting in. Just gorgeous!

The view from the deck of the house was just as spectacular as the sun set on our 1st night.

It gets a little chilly at night! Until it warmed up enough to hit the beach the next morning, we checked out a small local farm with a petting zoo and pony rides. There wasn't a soul in sight aside from the animals, so Mimi showed the kids how to feed the donkeys some grass, and the kids played on a cute wooden train.

We got to play in the water later on, and you know we had to get some free swimming lessons from Mimi while we were there.

One of our daily activities was the mandatory 5 o'clock "nosh" - a little wine and pre-dinner snack by the water to celebrate the lazy days of summer. In the 2nd picture our host Teri is in the middle with Isabel.

I never mentioned why we even went on this trip! It was to celebrate Poppy's 60th birthday. Happy birthday, Poppy!!!


mimi said...
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mimi said...

I am ready to go back...hopefully next year we can ... It would be so much fun to have our 3 grandsons there together ...that would be so much fun..love and hugs MIMI