Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boatloads of fun!

If you own a lake house, I guess you pretty much have to own a boat too, so things worked out well for us and we got to take JT on his 1st boat ride. Poppy was the captain in charge of getting things set to sail.

Once we were up and running, Isabel (who, as you can see in the background, needed her paci to "relax and enjoy the ride") and Joseph took turns at the wheel "driving" the boat. We motored over to the other side of the lake where they had a nice playground for the kids, and a quaint general store where we could get a newspaper.

Later on in the day we played at Gull Bay, which is more of a typical sandy beach that the kids enjoyed. Can anyone spot Poppy?

In the evening, of course, we were back at the water for some snacks, sports, socializing, and another perfect sunset.

Here's some video of JT on the boat. (Not terribly exciting, but I document everything!)

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mimi said...

The pictures tell the whole story...a great time had by was so much fun to be with JoeJoe and you guys...JoeJoe will enjoy the boat so much more when he is 16 and doesn't have to be strapped into his lifejacket...poor baby...he could not move...that's ok...he was and hugs MIMI