Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blazing Saddles

For lack of anything better to do, JT and I headed out to Clemyjontri Park yesterday. We hadn't been in a few months, but did remember there were very few trees or shaded areas, so we tried to go early to beat the heat. No such luck - this place was smoking hot by 10am. Could be one reason why he hated the carousel (again...)

Last time we went the "maze" was closed for repairs. It's kinda fun, except for the running in the heat part.

We only stayed a little over an hour before needing to rehydrate and rest. We hit the new indoor pool later on in the day, which was much more relaxing.

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Missy said...

i can't believe we still haven't been to clemyjontri!! we really need to put this on the list for fall when things cool off and the men can come with us. :)