Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3rd Run

Yes, we went to Cameron Run again.
No, you probably don't need to see anymore pictures of the same thing again.
But, this time Papa finally got to come along, so it's only fair we post some pictures of him enjoying our favorite hot spot.
Joseph's friend Ethan and his parents came too.

Don't know what it is about Mr. Steve that Joseph loves sooooo much. Maybe blondes do have more fun?

I just think this picture is funny! It took all day to get Ethan down that slide, and of course he absolutely loved it - you can see it on his face. Joseph loves it too, but his face is under water!

And this one is my favorite, forwarded from Missy. There was seriously something wrong with the curvy slide this day - everyone was either going at a snail's pace, or getting stuck, and had to push themselves the rest of the way down. But on my last run I not only got stuck, I created a major kid pile-up. If you look closely, there are THREE little ones running into me!

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mimi said...

I had fun all over again just watching everyone on the water slides....glad PaPa was able experience the joy I shared with JoeJoe and Carl whan I was in DC..so much fun...cannot wait to do it again...love and hugs MiMi