Sunday, July 19, 2009

Joseph at 2 years

Welcome to toddlerhood! Time to drag out the alligator for an official 2 year old picture and developmental update. Six months makes a world of difference at this age - I'm continually amazed at the new words and news skills that come practically every day now.

Joseph finally has more words than I keep track of, probably 75-100. We patiently waited for 2 word sentences, which came between 22 and 23 months. They started out cute, with "bye bye truck" and "up please," but then we got into "no want it" and "no ______" (fill in the blank with anything and everything). He repeats everything we say, and gave up on signing, except for "more."

We were also waiting for him to get moving, and now he's running, climbing, jumping, and dancing nonstop. Say "ready, set..." and he takes off before "go!" We're chasing him everywhere just to change his diaper or put on his shoes. He can go up the stairs all by himself now. Destruction is still a favorite activity, as is emptying every drawer or cabinet he can get into.

No big change in sleep patterns - 10 hours at night plus a 2 hour nap. He "sleeps in" till 6:30 most mornings now, which has been a treat. He finally has a variable appetite, and just picks at some meals. He'll never refuse pasta, cheese, bananas, grapes, sweet potatoes, any form of bread or cracker, or milk.

We still go to Gymboree class on Sunday mornings and have our playdates with Jack on Thursdays, but swim classes ended in the Spring, and we're eagerly waiting to restart them in the Fall. We're spending tons of time at the park and playing with friends outside now. Joseph is fascinated by all trucks and buses, planes and helicopters, and boats. He can't get enough books, and it's often the 1st word he says when we get him in the morning.

The 2's are not looking too terrible yet, although he has shown the typical impatience and temper that comes with being a toddler. He's also occasionally a "headbanger" when upset, smacking his forehead on the floor or door if he doesn't get his way. Nice.

The one thing that hasn't changed is how sweet our Joe Joe is. He's a hugger and a kisser, and is friendly everywhere we go, smiling and waving and charming the socks off of everyone he meets. He says "thank you" and claps when you sing for him, and never says no when you ask him to dance.

It's so hard to believe he's TWO!


mimi said...

I was here to witness the big event...what a treat for MiMi...I just love little big JoeJoe...he is such a sweetie and so much fun...It will be so hard to and hugs MiMi

Anonymous said...

such a good looking boy to share
my birthday with i am glad mother
was there to share his special day
she can only go every other year
for his birthday.ha love june