Sunday, July 19, 2009

If you build it, they will come

After 2 months and much debate, we finally got around to buying a swing set for our yard. I found a smaller version online of the one Jack has, but couldn't find any local companies that carried it. So I ordered it from (of all places) No tax, and free shipping! But we had dragged our feet so long that it was delivered only a week and a half before Joseph's birthday, so the pressure was on to get this thing up. Luckily my dad is in town for a few weeks for work, so he was able to come help me while Brent watched Joseph.

Once we got the whole tower up we realized the yard was a little more sloped than we thought, so Brent had to show us how to level out the ground.

And that was it for the end of day one, since we had people coming over for dinner. Not bad for about 2 hours worth of actual work.

I had the next day off from work, so was able to do a bit myself while our nanny watched Joseph. Then Dad came back after work, and we tried to put up the swing beam. Which was when we realized it really wouldn't fit, and we had to move the tower forward about 3 feet. Leveling it was a snap the 2nd time, but now there's a big hole Brent has to fill back in with dirt and grass. Oops!

End of day 2, which was really less that 2 hours of work too. It got dark very quickly and we would have had to stop even if we didn't want to!

The swings and slide were usable all week, but it wasn't until yesterday (the day of Joe Joe's birthday and birthday party), that we finally had the chance to get the roof attached. It only took 10 minutes, but needed 2 people.

We gave Joseph a quick swing before getting dressed for the party, and then all the kids came. It was a huge hit!

Many thanks to my Dad for so much help in the construction process, and even more thanks to him and Grammy, who decided they wanted to buy the swing set for Joseph for his birthday.

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mimi said...

Lucky JoeJoe ...nice big swing set...and lucky Carl for having his Dad in town to help and hugs Mimi