Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Waves

Today was, without a doubt, one of the best playdates EVER! We went to the Great Waves Waterpark at Cameron Run Regional Park in Alexandria, near Aunt Missy's house. Jack has been there a few times already, and knew we would love it. We planned from the start on sacrificing nap time today so we could spend more time in the sun.

There's a giant wave pool right when you walk in, but quite a sizable toddler area in the back. The second we put the boys down they just walked right into the toddler pool, complete with waterfalls.

They had a lot of fun playing with the bubbling rock. Water shoots out everywhere when you try to cover it with your hands!

The giant spray area was amazing - like Turtle Park on steroids (but a little too slippery - Joe Joe fell on his butt every few steps, but he didn't seem to care at all). There was also a "beach" area with sand and buckets. You may notice in some pictures that we brought our own trucks. Somebody superbly astute will notice that Jack is wearing Joseph's bathing suit from last year.

Joseph favorite part of the park was undoubtedly the 2 toddler water slides. If we went down once, we went down 15 or 20 times today. Missy wouldn't do it, so I had to take Jack down a few times too.

And the great thing is that we didn't have to sacrifice any nap at all. For the 1st time, he went right from the car to the crib, he was so wiped out! I even had to wake him up to make it to Gymboree on time.

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mimi said...

That looks like so much fun....I'd love to go there next MiMi