Monday, July 20, 2009

Can you dig it?

Saturday was Joseph's 2nd birthday, and his birthday party as well! The weather, and in fact the whole day, couldn't have been more perfect. Given his fascination with trucks, we threw a construction themed party.

We found this Tonka truck t-shirt several months ago, and had been hiding it until the day of the party so it wouldn't get ruined.

Instead of regular party hats, each kid got a hard hat with their name on it, and they could decorate them with stickers if they wanted.

Here's the cake (and smash cake) I made. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, covered in chocolate glaze. It was the 1st time we were letting Joseph have chocolate, so I had to go overboard! EVERYTHING is edible, except the candles. The Tonka trucks, fences, and sign were made out of melted white chocolate, and the boulders were all candy like Whoppers and Junior Mints. The traffic cones are candy corn.

Some of the big guests:

Some of the little guests:

All of the kids had a ball on the swing set we built. WELL worth the effort, and sure to be the new hangout for the Alton Boyz and their friends.

When the cake came out, our best friend Jack got priority seating.


All the kids were really very patient while we were filming Joe Joe eating his cake, so when we finally said everyone could dig in, hands came from everywhere! They were all excited about eating boulders and trucks.

We also had ice pops on hand, and since he was sugared up anyway, Joseph had a few of those too.

One of Joseph's best buddies is his friend Ethan's dad, Mr. Steve. He loves to just hang out with him. Too cute.

During his nap after the party, we brought up the train table that Mimi and Poppy got him (which Grammy and I assembled the day before and hid in the basement). He's been playing with it nonstop.

We're almost done, promise! Here's the party favors - "tool boxes" for each kid, filled with sugar cookie tools. What can I say, I love to bake! There were a few extra that we put out at the party too.

And lastly, here's a few close-up shots of the cake:

Jeez, I need to start planning his 3rd birthday now!
Thanks to everyone who helped me pull this off!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Joe Joe!

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AUNTIE A said...

Wow! But, where is my toolbox?
Glad to see the weather was good and it looks like everyone had a good time, especially the birthday boy. He has grown so big since the last time I saw him, miss all of you!