Saturday, July 11, 2009


We finally got around to Joseph's 1st professional haircut - a week before his 2nd birthday. Actually, we all got haircuts at the same time today, since we all needed them desperately. Our stylist Linh, who we've been going to since we moved to DC, now owns his own salon with his wife Gina. They named it Blondie's - after Linh's hair? You may notice all the other women lined up behind our little blondie are trying to match his hair color.

He was quite the angel the entire time. Never cried or fussed once. He just watched suspiciously all the while. But once in a while he would make funny faces in the mirror with Papa.

Man, it was really long. No more "surfer boy" look.

The end result of all 3 of us:

Poster boy!

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mimi said...

How fun is that ....getting the whole family haircuts...hope they gave you a dlscount....JoeJoe looks so handsome as do Daddy and Poppa...can't wait to see you guys only 6 more days...can't and hugs MiMi