Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Plain Wrong!

There's something disturbing about watching a bunch of children bash the heck out of Cookie Monster trying to get at all the candy in his tummy.

Although it is funny to see Emma airborne trying to whack him, and amazing to see how Joseph instantly got the concept (which was the only thing he was getting - no candy yet!).

I had originally gotten the pinata to send to Lance as part of his 40th birthday present, filled with his favorite candies, but never wound up sending it. Bad friend I am, that was October!! But it was great seeing it opened in person.

Cookie Monster carcass on your head - that's just wrong too. But funny!

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Kathy said...

Um, a little late, but you know all those ribbons coming out of Cookie Monster's backside? I think that it's one of the new pinata's where you have all the kids grab a ribbon and pull, rather than beat it up with a bat!