Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jersey Joe

Here's a few last looks at some of the stuff we did in the old Garden State.
Joseph got to spend time with his only cousins on my side of the family, and he loved when they read him bedtime stories.

We tried to go to Sesame Place, which is an amusement and water park just about 15-20 minutes from my parents' house. We figured he go nuts over all the Elmo stuff, so we went even though it was raining. We also figured we'd be wet since it was a water park anyway, so why not?

While we were waiting on line to buy tickets, it just got colder and colder. When people starting coming out trying to get rainchecks before we even went it, we thought it best to leave and try another time. Sorry, Joe Joe :(

On Sunday we went out to breakfast in Princeton, which is where Rodney went to college. He made a great choice in PJ's Pancake House, even though they crammed us into this weird table with a pole through the middle of it.

Then we took a walk around campus. Maybe one or all of the kids will wind up there too?

Nice grill, Adam! You really should click on the picture to enlarge it. It's fake (luckily), from the candy store - it's a lollipop!

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