Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Gang's All Here!!

Much to our delight, my BFF Lance (of 18 YEARS!) and his entire family (which includes his partner Rodney, their 4 kids, and their au pair, Natalie) all came from California to stay with us for the week. It was a full house, but more fun that I can describe. The last time we saw them all together was when we drove up the California coast in June of '06 - WAY too much time between visits.

One of the funnier things was how Joseph got to meet them all: everyone except Lance had arrived after he went to sleep, so he had no idea all these people were in the house. Joseph, as always, was the 1st one up. Then Adam came up from the basement and played with him. A little while later Jesse came up and joined them. Then Wyatt. And eventually Emma, and Rodney, and Natalie, all one at a time. He must have been wondering where on Earth these people kept coming from! It was probably for the best, so he didn't get too overwhelmed all at once. It just got louder and crazier and more fun as each person came in. I don't think we ever managed to get everyone all together in one picture :(

Here's Lance along with Wyatt, Jesse, and Emma. The kids got to see fireflies for the 1st time in our backyard. I didn't know they don't have them in San Francisco. Is that really possible?

There was always some activity going on amongst the kids. Adam made it into this pic along with Emma and WyWy.

The ball pit was a huge hit! The was a full on war one morning that I just might have encouraged. Aren't Uncles supposed to be fun and let the kids get away with stuff they can't do at home? They asked every day to go back in the ball pit.

Wyatt was an awesome helper, even with Joe Joe's bath.

This is what the lower level of our house looked like during the week with 2 extra adults and 4 extra kids. Natalie got her own room upstairs - the lucky one.

I wouldn't trade the mess for the world! It was so great seeing everyone again and getting to know the kids as they grow up. I miss them already and wish they lived next door. There's more pics of the visit to follow.

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lancelot said...

You are so sweet- by why you gotta show my luggage.....bring you up- slap you back down- same for 18 years! I heart Carl.