Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Crack

What is it about Elmo that gets every kid addicted?

I bought one of these towels for Joseph while picking one up for part of Jack's birthday present. I knew they would both love them. Now every time Joseph is in the tub he looks behind me and says "Elmo," looking for him on the towel rack.

I knew I shouldn't have let Brent watch Sesame Street with him. But since I bought the towel for him, I guess I'm his dealer.


Kathy said...

Oh! I need one of those towels for Zoe! She loooooves Elmo! OK, so maybe that's all the more reason NOT to get one. Keep her happy with her Elmo toothbrush. And, she only has gotten to know Elmo via her diapers, no Sesame Street. It's completely unavoidable!

mimi said...

Everyone loves Elmo....welcome to Sesame Street world..JoeJoe...If only you would have gotten to meet you Papa's favorite...Mr. and hugs MiMi

Matt said...

Jack loves his Elmo towel--and can't bear to be separated from it after bath time. Thanks!