Saturday, May 16, 2009

Park Patrol

As the weather has improved here and we're spending more time outside, I've realized that we couldn't really do much last summer since Joseph didn't walk until he was about 15 months old. That would mean strolling him all the way to the park to do nothing but push him in a swing, which is pretty boring, or put him down on the ground and have him drag himself through the mulch and dirt within 2 seconds, which is pretty nasty. So now we're making up for lost time, hitting every park we can find!

You already saw our post on Clemyjontri, which we're sure to visit again. We heard of one on Macomb through a friend at Gymboree, and checked it out yesterday. Very nice, especially because it was shady. But no matter where we go, Joseph's favorite attraction is indeed the mulch that I was avoiding last year. He just loves to pick up fistfuls and pour it into piles.

Today we drove out to Adventure Playland to meet a friend - not close by any means, about 45 minutes away in Germantown - but well worth the time and gas. This play was also huge, with a castle and boat and equipment we've never seen before.

Naturally, drawn to the truck. Gee, whatever theme will we use for his birthday party this year?

The main attraction was actually Bailey's dad. Joseph was instantly drawn to him, and was always holding his hand or asking to be picked up by him.

We spent a little more time there after Bailey had to leave, since there was so much more to see. Just like at the other parks, he runs around like a maniac!

One of Joseph's favorites was the dragon. He got to feed him his lunch, which was.....
mulch, of course.

Where to next?!

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mimi said...

Mulch must be a family fixation...Leyton loves it and now JoeJoe....guess Ashton will be in it as soon as he sees it....little boys are so much fun and so sweet...I love my little and hugs MiMi