Saturday, May 30, 2009

Men at work

We were so disappointed when we heard our Thursday play date with Jack had to be cancelled due to his fever, especially since we were just about ready to pack up and head over to his place. We changed gears quickly and headed out anyway, making a split-second decision that it was finally time to take that field trip to the National Building Museum that I've been meaning to do for months. We took the train downtown and had a blast!

There's a huge room for toddlers called the Building Zone, filled with trucks, blocks, and tons of other construction related gear - essentially a giant play room tailor made to suit Joseph's interests!

He had a ball building as well as destroying, and he made friends so easily with all the other tots. My only mistake was taking him into the gift shop, because he wanted to take every truck and car home with him. He just loved riding the Metro there and back!

I decided to take him out to lunch for a special treat, then a quick run by the park before nap. Afterwards we went to "open gym" time, where we always have fun with Miss Robin and her twin girls, Julia and Sarah (who are waiting in the background wondering why their mom is playing with Joseph). It's generally our standing date on Thursday afternoons, and then we get to see them again at our regular class on Sunday mornings.

We sure missed Jack and Aunt Missy, but at least I was able to fill the day with nonstop fun for Joe Joe. This is the kind of "work" I truly love!


AUNTIE A said...

Oh how I wished I lived closer to you! I know I would enjoy each place you have taken Joseph! Every place looks like so much fun!

mimi said...

I know JoeJoe loved the trucks...I can still hear him say "TRUCK" , he loves them...hopefully Jack is feeling better and a Hello to Missy ...hope your feeling MiMi