Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorable Day

We had a lovely Memorial Day today, spent together as a family, enjoying our city. We headed downtown to show Joseph the Museum of Natural History. (We also spent last evening together as a family, doing Joseph's least favorite thing: shopping. But he does love his new Crocs, and gets very upset when we take them off him.)

He really wasn't into stopping and posing for pictures at the museum. He just wanted to move! The only thing that held his attention very long was the fish tank in the newly renovated "Oceans" exhibit, and every once in a while he would stop and push a button on a display 100 times before seeing what else was interesting.

One thing Joseph did not like at all was the Live Butterfly Pavilion. You walk through this glassed-in pathway with hundreds of butterflies all over the place. He generally loves bugs, guess this was just a little too much of a good thing.

Then we went out for lunch, and headed home for nap time. What a fun weekend overall! Here's a great photo Missy sent of Joe at Jack's birthday party on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Who is Joe??????

mimi said...

Love the did you get him to keep it MiMi