Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jack turns 2!

Happy birthday to our bestest buddy!! Jack had a ton of friends over today for a backyard bash and barbeque feast to celebrate turning two.

Aunt Missy knows how to entertain! There were a ton of different activities to keep the kids busy, and the food was delicious and plentiful. Every kid got their own sand pail with their name painted on it. And since the weather decided to cooperate with the game plan, the party couldn't have been more perfect!

Who needs a spoon when you can just use the candle to shovel in the icing?

After a solid nap, we headed out to the park. Joseph hugged his new personalized bucket the whole way there, and made a bee-line for the sandbox and dug right in.

While dinner was cooking, Joseph helped Papa water the plants. Not sure if this was the best idea.

Watch out or you'll be soaked!

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mimi said...

Happy Birthday Jack...looks like you had a great MiMi