Thursday, May 7, 2009

He who laughs, lasts.

It was yet another rainy, dreary day around here, but we had SO much fun over at Jack's house today. Even though everything was wet, we checked out his awesome new swing set, which is his early birthday present (and the inspiration for our yard envy).

Joseph waiting for the OK to launch:

A missed picture by Missy, which I think is too funny!

Even a big kid like me got to have some fun:

After lunch the boys went into the living room and were cackling away together, and continued even after I snuck in to catch them on video:

I have no idea why this was so funny to them, but I love seeing our boys have so much fun together, and I adore that laugh of Joseph's!

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mimi said...

I have looked at this video a ton of times and showed it to so many people but never got to comment on it....I just love to hear JoeJoe laugh is so contagious...he and Jack are just and hugs MiMi