Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do you know the Muffin Man?

We were trapped in the house for hours the other rainy day while they were installing the fence, so I decided to give Joseph his 1st baking lesson. I never let him eat cake and cookies, but I'm happy to bake breads and muffins for his breakfast. I stock up the freezer with a fresh batch now and then so I can take one out every few days for variety. He loves his Daddy's banana bread especially, but today we had the fixings for blueberry-coconut muffins.

Measuring is pretty boring, but mixing is just messy enough to enjoy.

Lining the tin was kinda like doing a puzzle, which he thought was fun.

No way I was letting him scoop!

15 minutes is a very long time for a toddler to wait!

Mmmmm, breakfast!

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mimi said...

I just love JoeJoe waiting for the muffins....what a precious and hugs MiMi