Thursday, April 30, 2009


We are extremely excited to present Joseph's brand new, phenomenally cool, Stokke "Tripp Trapp" high chair!

We had hoped that the high chair Auntie Nadeen had sent him would have gotten much more mileage than this, but he just unfortunately outgrew it too fast. To prevent that from happening again, we bought this model, which will unquestionably last him into adulthood - no joke! There are a lot of grooves in the sides so you can continually adjust the seat and footrest as he grows, and the base will support up to 300 pounds (scarey thought!) It's a riot seeing him sitting there at eye level!

One drawback: the food used to be contained to the high chair tray, most of the time. Now it's just everywhere, and we might need a professional clean up crew around here.

Another drawback: it looks like a ladder, so it's great for climbing!

Don't worry Auntie Nay, Joseph's buddy Benjamin is just ready to eat, so the high chair will still we put to good use, and if we ever miss it, it's just 2 doors down. Bon appetit!

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mimi said...

Aunt Nay is the bomb....How very sweet of some point in my old age I can use the high chair...JoeJoe is so cute and such a ham when taking pictures ...I just love it ...Love and hugs MiMi and Popppie