Thursday, April 23, 2009

The rest of Texas

There was plenty of "down time" in Houston for us to just hang out together and have fun. Mimi took Ash and Joe on a stroll around the block. Don't those 2 look like they could be brothers?

Joseph got to play on the swing set that I (with help from Poppy and a few others along the way) assembled for his cousin Leyton's 1st birthday. Still standing after 2 1/2 years!

Suthern set up the bounce house in the yard too - total chaos in there!

We stripped the kids down before we went inside to keep the sand outside, but Joseph needed a few more runs down the slide before bathtime.

Of course we pressured Mimi into service for another haircut, and it looks so cute!

There was a toy store right by our hotel, and naturally he was drawn to the train table. No idea why this was so funny, but Mimi had to do it over and over and over again.

Joe Joe was a big help at the airport.

One last thing before we wrap up this trip - right before we left, Joseph learned to refer to himself by name instead of "me." It's really adorable when he would point at everyone and say their names, but this was the best we got while hanging out at the airport.


Suthern, Glenn, Leyton & Ashton Thibodeaux said...

What cute pictures...we enjoyed your visit so much! Wish we lived closer! Love and miss you all~

mimi said...

We had so many good memories to go home with and now I have the pictures to go with them....thanks to all of you for making this the best Easter MiMi and Poppie