Thursday, April 30, 2009

Party Circuit

I don't think we've ever been as busy on the weekends as we are now that we have a child. There's always a play date or birthday party to go to! We had 2 recent 3rd birthdays to celebrate. Two weekends ago was Nick and Alex's.

Their party featured a performance by "The Great Zucchini," a guy who seems to specialize in juvenile antics and potty humor. The kids all thought he was hysterical, except for Joseph, who stayed as far away as humanly possible while still technically being in the room. You can barely see him in the doorway, being held by Brent. He wouldn't sit at the kids' table either.

Last weekend was Benjamin's turn, with a Thomas the Train themed party, which was right up Joseph's alley.

Happy birthday, buddies!!

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mimi said...

Leyton would have loved the theme...JoeJoe was smart ..I kinda of understand the crazy part...thomas the train was a really good theme...JoeJoe has become the social butterfly...the question is have PaPa and Daddy...It is so much fun to be the parents...Your kids make friends for and hugs MiMi and Poppie