Sunday, April 19, 2009

Local Attractions

What's a kid to do when visiting a new city? Check out the fun stuff that the locals do. Joseph's cousins told us the Houston Zoo was really nice, so we checked it out.

This was JT's 1st time at a petting zoo. But when did "petting zoo" become synonymous with "bunch of goats?" Can you at least get a turtle or something in there too?

Here's Joe Joe swinging like the monkey that didn't quite make it into the picture.

He was really excited about the zoo, running from place to place. But does anyone watch "The Simpsons?" Two words: Montgomery Burns:

The one thing Joseph was NOT excited about was the carousel. Cried the whole time. Whatever... At least it was only a dollar.

Our cousins just recently checked out the Houston Children's Museum and said it was awesome, so we checked that out another day. They were right! It had a whole little city set up complete with a grocery store, bank, vet, etc, and even had a whole separate wing just for toddler fun.

One of my favorite pictures:
(not just because the boy who is obsessed with trucks is enjoying a tea party with Papa, but because they make the grown ups wear these goofy shoe covers.)

And then, as if he couldn't have had any more fun, Joe Joe found a "clacker" like the one he had at home, which he ran into the ground and destroyed from overuse.

Here's the one from home, which I repaired twice before deciding it just wouldn't make it anymore.

Second only to the truck obsession is the water obsession. The museum had an entire outdoor area for water play! We could have spent the whole day here.

He really did try to climb all the way in like it was a big bathtub. Luckily we brought a change of clothes.
Houston has a lot of great kid activities!


Honey said...

It was so good to see all of you. Joseph is adorable! Glad you enjoyed your stay in Houston.

mimi said...

JoeJoe is just so cute and has so much fun wherever he goes...Love Mi Mi