Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joe and Jo (et al)

It's Wednesday and I'm just getting around to saying we had a lovely weekend....
Grammy and Grandpa came to town for a quick visit. Joseph had a ball with them and is practicing saying their names, which right now sound kinda like "me-me" and "e-paw." We also went over to Grammy's cousin Jo's house. She prepared a stellar multi-course meal for us, and showered Joe with love and presents. She also let him sit with us at the grown up table (on two chair cushions) and use grown up utensils.

We've had such gorgeous weather than Papa got to work in the yard. And where there's dirt, there's Joseph.

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mimi said...

It was so good to see Al and Mary...I am so glad that yall had a good visit ..It is so nice to have auntie in town to visit...Family is so important to everyone...the closer the better..hopefully I get to meet her one day....hopefully I get that stellar multi-course and hugs MiMi and Poppie