Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hunters and Gatherers

It wasn't just a "Good Friday" yesterday, it was a GREAT Friday! Because of work, Jack and Joseph couldn't have their regular playdate on Thursday, but I was invited join Missy and Jack for their regular Friday Mommy group. It was a short walk over to Morgan's house, who hosted an Easter egg hunt for all the kids.

Jack was definitely a hunter. Joe Joe was more of a stealer.

Caught in the act!!

Jack planted himself here for a while and shoveled in some chocolate!

Then all the boys had a great game of "throw the mulch everywhere!"

Trying to get all the kids in one picture was a joke - one would sit down and another would get up! Here's at least a few of them together.

Then a smaller group of us headed to a local mall that had a soft play area and a real train that we rode.

Joseph couldn't get enough of that train - he watched it go around and around, saying "choo choo!" and kept running off after it.

We're off to Houston tomorrow. More Easter fun to come!

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mimi said...

Jack and JoeJoe are so cute will be fun when Jack's new sister or brother MiMi