Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun in the Sun

What a relief to have a break from the winter blahs in DC and enjoy some warm weather in Texas! We drove to the beach in Galveston one day for a change in scenery. The hotel had a wonderful (but surprisingly chilly) pool where Mimi was able to continue some swimming lessons for the boys (video to follow).

Cousins having fun in the hotel lobby - luckily no more injuries!

Joe Joe and his Parran, Uncle Glenn.

Then we figured out a way to pile all of us into 1 car so we could head out for dinner at a great seafood restaurant right on the waterfront.

Joseph enjoyed some of Aunt Suthern's shrimp scampi, but we all got to enjoy the setting sun behind us.

He's really getting too big for these teeny cribs they give you at the hotel! But it's easier than carting around a pack-n-play, and better than having him in bed with us.

The next day we hit the beach. Mimi brought bubbles, Suthern flew a kite, and the kids dug around in the sand.

In the background is where we stayed, the Hotel Galvez.

Nice family pictures!


Hollie Reese said...

How fun! I am jealous..I want to go to the beach! When can a newborn wear sunscreen???

As for the bumps on the head...OUCH! Those looked like they hurt!

mimi said...

Great pictures ....thank all of you for the great trip...I am so lucky to have such a great family ...Hope we don't have a hurricane or maybe I should play it safe and say that it is going to snow since as everyone may have noticed Leyton looked at the camera...love and hugs MiMi