Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter in Houston

For the 1st time in a decade or more we didn't host Easter Sunday at our house, with good reason - we were in Texas. Even though a kid can ride in your lap on an airplane until they're 2, it was much easier to get Joseph his own seat this time. He seemed to enjoy the leg room.

Uncle Glenn, Aunt Suthern, and cousins Leyton and Ashton live in Houston, and Mimi and Poppy drove in from Louisiana. We met for dinner soon after arriving. Leyton and Joseph were fast friends, immediately holding hands and running around. They had a great time sitting together at dinner (and even though it looks like they had their own margaritas, we didn't let them).

We were up plenty early on Easter Sunday, since our usual 6am wake-up call translates to 5am in Central time. That gave us more than enough time to do our hair and dress up (in some of our new 3T wardrobe!!) before heading out for the festivities.

Leyton opened the door and dragged Joseph over to show him what the Easter Bunny brought to Houston!

This child does NOT like hats, even ones with cute bunny ears.

Some of the bounty, including personalized eggs that Aunt Suthern made with Leyton and Mimi.

Live footage of the egg hunt:

Leyton was the best hunter, and even needed a 2nd basket to carry all his eggs.

Back inside there was a whole 2nd round of goodies, this time compliments of the Louisiana Bunny that left stuff at Mimi and Poppy's house. Finally some pics with baby Ashton!

Poppy and Leyton needed to crash after all the excitement.

Joe Joe was also so exhausted that he fell asleep in the car while chewing on his busy bee as we were heading over to Aunt Susie's house. That's what happens when you wake up at 5am!

Over at Susie's we got to see a mess of relatives, including baby Cade - no pictures of him :( - and Gran.

Then we all needed to go back to the hotel and get some rest. The next few days were action packed, as you'll soon see....

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mimi said...

The boys were all so cute...Suthern really went all out with her Easter Egg Hunt... the kids just loved MiMi