Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Down Under

Joseph has really been enjoying his swim lessons, and seems to love going under water. Mimi got to work with him a little in the pool in Galveston.

When we got home it was right back to lessons with Miss Tammy, who has him diving for toys at the bottom of the pool. This week, as soon as we would come up from the bottom, he would immediately throw the toy back down so we'd have to go get it again.

All you have to do now is say "ready, set, go" or "1,2,3" and he'll jump right into the pool all by himself! Tuesday was supposed to be our last class, but there's a good chance we've convinced them to continue on for at least another month.

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mimi said...

Our little water baby or should I say water big boy is doing so well...JoeJoe makes the teaching part easy...he just loves it...love and hugs MiMi