Thursday, April 30, 2009


We are extremely excited to present Joseph's brand new, phenomenally cool, Stokke "Tripp Trapp" high chair!

We had hoped that the high chair Auntie Nadeen had sent him would have gotten much more mileage than this, but he just unfortunately outgrew it too fast. To prevent that from happening again, we bought this model, which will unquestionably last him into adulthood - no joke! There are a lot of grooves in the sides so you can continually adjust the seat and footrest as he grows, and the base will support up to 300 pounds (scarey thought!) It's a riot seeing him sitting there at eye level!

One drawback: the food used to be contained to the high chair tray, most of the time. Now it's just everywhere, and we might need a professional clean up crew around here.

Another drawback: it looks like a ladder, so it's great for climbing!

Don't worry Auntie Nay, Joseph's buddy Benjamin is just ready to eat, so the high chair will still we put to good use, and if we ever miss it, it's just 2 doors down. Bon appetit!

Party Circuit

I don't think we've ever been as busy on the weekends as we are now that we have a child. There's always a play date or birthday party to go to! We had 2 recent 3rd birthdays to celebrate. Two weekends ago was Nick and Alex's.

Their party featured a performance by "The Great Zucchini," a guy who seems to specialize in juvenile antics and potty humor. The kids all thought he was hysterical, except for Joseph, who stayed as far away as humanly possible while still technically being in the room. You can barely see him in the doorway, being held by Brent. He wouldn't sit at the kids' table either.

Last weekend was Benjamin's turn, with a Thomas the Train themed party, which was right up Joseph's alley.

Happy birthday, buddies!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joe and Jo (et al)

It's Wednesday and I'm just getting around to saying we had a lovely weekend....
Grammy and Grandpa came to town for a quick visit. Joseph had a ball with them and is practicing saying their names, which right now sound kinda like "me-me" and "e-paw." We also went over to Grammy's cousin Jo's house. She prepared a stellar multi-course meal for us, and showered Joe with love and presents. She also let him sit with us at the grown up table (on two chair cushions) and use grown up utensils.

We've had such gorgeous weather than Papa got to work in the yard. And where there's dirt, there's Joseph.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Not that there's anything wrong with that"

It's not often that you'll hear a parent exclaim to their child, "Honey, will you PLEASE just come out of the closet already?!" Yet we were saying that around hear constantly. Many of the doorknobs in our 70+ year old house had exceeded their life expectancy, and Joseph loved to go into the hall closet and empty it out several times a day, since nothing was standing in his way.

Last week we finally had a carpenter replace every single doorknob in the house. (I would have loved to have done it myself, but the doors had to be retrofitted to accommodate modern locksets, which I don't have the time or energy for.)

Jack came over for a playdate while the carpenter was here, but we managed to stay out of his way.

Now all of the doors can actually close, and stay closed. Sometimes the littlest things can make a big difference!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Barker Buddies

One of the other parents that also used The Barker Foundation for their adoption had the great idea to form a play group, and we're trying to meet once a month. Now that I'm finally caught up with all the vacation pictures, I can get back to posting all the other stuff we've been up to since we've been back!

One of the other kids actually brought their own car to the group, and all the kids just loved it!

As an aside, the birthparent counsellor that worked with us, along with some of the other families pictured here, coincidentally got married the very same day as our play date. Congratulations Aimee and Akil!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The rest of Texas

There was plenty of "down time" in Houston for us to just hang out together and have fun. Mimi took Ash and Joe on a stroll around the block. Don't those 2 look like they could be brothers?

Joseph got to play on the swing set that I (with help from Poppy and a few others along the way) assembled for his cousin Leyton's 1st birthday. Still standing after 2 1/2 years!

Suthern set up the bounce house in the yard too - total chaos in there!

We stripped the kids down before we went inside to keep the sand outside, but Joseph needed a few more runs down the slide before bathtime.

Of course we pressured Mimi into service for another haircut, and it looks so cute!

There was a toy store right by our hotel, and naturally he was drawn to the train table. No idea why this was so funny, but Mimi had to do it over and over and over again.

Joe Joe was a big help at the airport.

One last thing before we wrap up this trip - right before we left, Joseph learned to refer to himself by name instead of "me." It's really adorable when he would point at everyone and say their names, but this was the best we got while hanging out at the airport.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Down Under

Joseph has really been enjoying his swim lessons, and seems to love going under water. Mimi got to work with him a little in the pool in Galveston.

When we got home it was right back to lessons with Miss Tammy, who has him diving for toys at the bottom of the pool. This week, as soon as we would come up from the bottom, he would immediately throw the toy back down so we'd have to go get it again.

All you have to do now is say "ready, set, go" or "1,2,3" and he'll jump right into the pool all by himself! Tuesday was supposed to be our last class, but there's a good chance we've convinced them to continue on for at least another month.

Fun in the Sun

What a relief to have a break from the winter blahs in DC and enjoy some warm weather in Texas! We drove to the beach in Galveston one day for a change in scenery. The hotel had a wonderful (but surprisingly chilly) pool where Mimi was able to continue some swimming lessons for the boys (video to follow).

Cousins having fun in the hotel lobby - luckily no more injuries!

Joe Joe and his Parran, Uncle Glenn.

Then we figured out a way to pile all of us into 1 car so we could head out for dinner at a great seafood restaurant right on the waterfront.

Joseph enjoyed some of Aunt Suthern's shrimp scampi, but we all got to enjoy the setting sun behind us.

He's really getting too big for these teeny cribs they give you at the hotel! But it's easier than carting around a pack-n-play, and better than having him in bed with us.

The next day we hit the beach. Mimi brought bubbles, Suthern flew a kite, and the kids dug around in the sand.

In the background is where we stayed, the Hotel Galvez.

Nice family pictures!